Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pedanandipadu Sewing Project


Today we visited Pedanandipadu Sewing Project. Village surrounded by paddy and cotton fields. People mostly farmers and agricultural labourers. Mixed area with both landlords and daily workers.Majority of the single students in the sewing centre are farmers' children or married women working as daily workers.

Our instructor is Mrs. Sivakumari who's husband is a farmer too. Family depended on farming. Last year they had heavy loss on crops due to unexpected floods. At that time Sivakumari is the only support for their family. There are many such student families who are similar to her who are supporting their families in need with the knowledge they got from our Shoshana sewing centre and who are running their small tailor shops at home.

Sivakumari is a very good instructor who takes lots of care in teaching the students different new patterns available in the market. Her husband is also very supportive to her work which is a very essential part and necessary part in our work helping the society. Family support and local society support which makes her work more effective and gives scope for helping more needy women for their self help.

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