Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kadavakuduru Medical Project


Today we visited our very first medical centre which is in Kadavakuduru. Kadavakuduru is a small village 20kms away from Chirala and on the way to Ongole. Medical support for the needy people started here in 2000 Sep; It was started in the village community hall and has been giving its first aid services for the people for the last 10 years.

Recently it was moved to an individual room which is near to Kadavakuduru railway station. The Centre is located in the area  with lots of poor backward caste people who are mainly agricultural labourers, cashewnut pickers and fishermen. The area is full of cashew nut fields and  is very famous for good quality cashew nuts.

The Nurse working in this centre is Rajakumari. She is the second nurse here  who has been working with us for a long time. She is from this area who is  friendly with the patients, patient towards knowing their problems and helping them out with necessary medication.

She is a lower middle class lady whose husband is a daily worker in a granite factory and has two daughters. She herself coming from a poor background has a heart for the surrounding needy people to treat and give them the necessary health tips as far as possible with the help and support from Shoshana - Germany.

Martha had a  talk with the people there and she tried to find out with the nurse, the common diseases right now in that area , any special cases who are in desperate need of help and some personal information about the nurse.

Martha expressed her opinion, not just visiting the projects, to see that the staff of Shoshana has a good family situation too which will obviously have a major impact on their professional work.

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