Friday, February 4, 2011

Angalakuduru Sewing Project


Our visit to the second project today is Angalakuduru Sewing Project. This is the last visit for this week.
Angalakuduru is a village, 4kms away from Tenali.

Our Sewing Project at Angalakuduru is working for the last 7 years. Around 67 women finished their stitching class successfully.

Present batch has 10 students. Silent bunch of women, learning embroidery today. The instructor Mrs.Krishnaveni is teaching them some embroidery pattern to put on cloth bags which can be used instead of plastic covers. They already prepared a few with nice simple thread work.

Already some people are interested in using them. In future if there is prohibition on plastic then the women have a chance of going into the business of making bags besides stitching.

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