Wednesday, June 8, 2022

 Shoshana Sewing Project - Chilakaluripet

Summer slowly started fading away. Had first rains at a few places already. Waiting for the monsoon to come soon after the scorching heat. All the sewing projects had a brief  summer break and  resumed their work except for  the medical projects which are open all year long.

Chilakaluripet is surrounded with hilly areas  with lot of  stone crushing plants and pulses and cereal fields. The women who join the sewing class mostly come from agricultural background or daily workers in these stone crushing plants.

Here are a few pics from the Shoshana sewing project, Chilakaluripet. The present group is going to have their sewing training certificate very soon.The present group started a year back, due to Covid, the instructor as well as all the women got effected so the course duration took more than the usual time.

The instructor Mrs. Sumathi is one of our best instructors so far. She is a hands on trainer and see that each women makes the best use of the class. She has a well organized schedule for the sewing class.  Each one of the student has a proper map with miniature samples along with measurements  which they keep with them as a reference. Simultaneously they do the actual models which they use it for themselves or disturb to the needy people around their area.

Interested women after finishing the sewing class,  join the embroidery and painting class which is also available at the centre.

Instructor Sumathi

I Thank all the donors who are continuously supporting us to keep up the good work.

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