Thursday, June 30, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Project - Dasaripalem, Guntur district.

Shoshana started working in partnership with a local society which has been doing many social activities for children and old people in Dasaripalem area . As a part of their activities, they approached Shoshana for setting up a medical project for the needy people in their area.  

Dasaripalem is a backward area with people who are mainly daily workers. Government allotted this area for backward communities. For many years these people were living off grid without any facilities like roads, water and electricity. Over the years they were provided with few facilities still there are no proper roads to go to this area.

In case of medical emergency reaching the nearest medical help is also a problem for them so after observing the need, Shoshana started giving medical help in this area from the year 2018 with a regular nurse. Shoshana's medical project turned out to be very useful for the people in that area especially old people who can't afford to reach the nearest medical help.

The nurse here is Mrs. Swathi who has a three year degree in nursing and has the experience of working in a private hospital before.  For the last one year she has been taking care of the medical project and happy to help the needy here.

This pic showing our M.D Mrs. Martha, who was talking to the nurse Mrs. Swathi. She couldn't come to India for the last two years due to the Covid situation but she is very much in touch with all the projects virtually.

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