Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pics of two more previous students at our Shoshana sewing centre, Nagaralu, Guntur.

One is Tirupathamma, married, 25yrs of age. She is a school drop out.

She has a daughter and a son. She had problems with her husband for a long time.
Her husband left her so she has to take care of her family. She was working as a sales girl when she got the chance of joining the free tailoring class. She recently finished her class.

Tirupathamma at the sewing centre
Tirupathamma with the instructor Mrs.Vasantha

 She is living with her children in a small rented house in the same area, Nagaralu.
Her kids are very small so it was quite difficult for her to go out for work .Her work timing are not fixed. since she is the main earning member in her family it was compulsory for her to leave her children on their own.

After finishing her class, she has now another alternative job for her living.
She is very happy now that she got her own sewing machine and she could as well work from home. Recently she started working as a full time tailor.

Name of the student: Koteswari

She is also from the first batch of tailoring class(Nagaralu). Recently finished her class and got a sewing machine.

She was working as a coolie when she got the opportunity of joining the free sewing training class.

 Her husband is also a  coolie in a vegetable market.and lately her husband opened a small tea shop and koteswari made up her own tailor shop at home after finishing her training.

She is living in a rented house with her husband and son who is 3yrs old.
It is quite convenient for her to work from home besides she could take care of her kid. 

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