Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Name of the student: K.Deva kumari
She  is a married, Christian with 28 yrs of age.
She is from a village called Gannavaram which is 30 minutes drive from Vijayawada City. After finishing her school education she got married to a Pastor.
In villages usually pastors will not have a proper income of their own since they work mostly among poor people. Inorder to support her husband she is working as a domestic helper .
She has a son(12yrs), deaf  by birth and a daughter who is 8 yrs of age. Both are in a Government school.
Hearing about the sewing classes at Giripuram, Vijayawada from her husband, Deva kumari joined as a special student at Hemima’s place only during weekends. She used to come by a bus to Vijayawada from Gannavaram. She recently finished her one year training in stitching.
Provided with a machine from Shoshana, she started her own work as a tailor. Besides that she started her own sewing centre at Gannavarm with 10 students charging 100 rupees each per month. She is quite confident in her work as a teacher. Ofcourse she can’t run the centre for free since she needs money for her living but she is ready to give free classes to needy women once in a while. She is very happy for the support she got from Shoshana for her self help as well as for having a position to help others.

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