Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Name of the student: Nagamani

She is a married, Christian with 35 years of age.
She is an illiterate woman. She has one daughter (15yrs) and son (11yrs). They are living in a small rented house.

Her husband is also a school drop out working as a daily worker in an iron welding shop.

Nagamani also has problem with her husband drinking habits. She is a victim of domestic violence. Her husband used to beat her up when she refuses to give him money for his drinking. She had to suffer all that because she had not much confidence to defend her situation.

Most of the men in that area called Giripuam are alchoholics and drug addicts. For many generations there is no progress in their lives and not much development. Women has to run their families and most children remain as child labourers.

Nagamani is working as a servant maid in the near by apartments. Children are going to Government school and in their holidays they also have to work to help their mother for their living. They are very much neglected by their father.

Hemima encouraged Nagamani to attend the sewing training so that it would be of use for her besides her regular work. She finished her training and she started working. She got a machine from Shoshana and she started her business slowly along with her regular work and since it turned out to be good income for her now she took it as a full time job. She started living seperately in a small house with her children.

Her daughter also is taking training in  embroidery at Hemima’s place now. She finished her 10 standard and she utilized her summer holidays for the training so that both mother and daughter can work together.


I hope some day her husband will repent and get back to their family.

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