Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Name of the student: B. Leya

She is a married, Christian with 25yrs of age.
She finished her school education. She has two small kids,one daughter(9yrs)and one son(7yrs).

Her husband is a daily worker in a welding shop. He is an alchoholic and used to spend all the money for his drinking habits. Family was in a very bad situation even unable to get their daily meal. Sending their children to school was a dream for them. They are living in a small house with only one room.

At that time , Leya is suffering from uterus cancer and it was very difficult for her to work and take care of her family. Knowing about her situation - 

Hemima(Instructor at our Sewing Project, Vjd) joined Leya’s kids in a free education school run by her aunt. It’s a school with free education and free mid day meals. This way the kids survived to some extent which was very difficult for them at home.

Hemima encouraged Leya to join her free sewing class. Leya succeeded in finishing her training besides taking treatment for her disease.. Some times she was very ill and couldn’t attend the classes but the teacher, Hemima showed special interest in her and gave extra time to finish her course. Now her health also is much better and she is in a position to take care of her and her household activities.

With the help of Shoshana now she got a sewing machine and she started her own work from at home and she is doing good with her work.  Her husband is still an alchoholic and he has health problems too but now she is confident that she could run her family on her own and take good care of her children.

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