Friday, June 29, 2012

My recent visit to Shoshana sewing project at Angalakuduru village which is near to Tenali.
Mainly visited since the present batch of women who are under the sewing training are about to finish their course. We were discussing about their requirement and future programs after they finish their course.

Present batch of students at Shoshana sewing project, Angalakudur

Providing a sewing machine for them after finishing their course is necessary because majority of the women are from very poor background, mostly daily workers. They can't afford to buy a new machine on their own.There are instances of some women who again went back as daily workers or house maids even after finishing their tailoring course because they had not enough money even to purchase a machine.

All our efforts training them for their better ment of their lives were of no use so i think it would be useful for them to have a machine right after they finish their course for more practice and for proper use of their skill.

Few women have old sewing machines of their own and few bought machines on their own but majority of the women need machines.

I happend to meet one of the previous batch students who is residing close to the Sewing centre.
I was very happy to find her running her business successfully and making proper use of the sewing machine given by us.

Her name is Rajani. She is 30yrs of age. Married. Her husband is a coolie. He lost everything in gambling and had to even sell their house to clear the debts.

She was a coolie too but in her leisure time she got the opportunity to get the training at Shoshana sewing project. She belongs to 2008-09 batch.

She made very good use of her skill. Now in their area she is well known as  a tailor and now she became the main support for their family. She is taking good care of her children. Presently she is living in a rented house but recently she bought a land and very soon they are going to have their own house again.

Rajani along with the instructor Krishnaveni(Angalakuduru)

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