Friday, January 20, 2012

First visit of Martha to our new medical project at Swarna village

Today is my first visit to our new medical project at Swarna village along with Martha.
We got to see the villagers getting medical help from the nurse, Prasanna.

Most of the women and young men were at work in fields because of the harvest season and went around the area to see the situation of the village, talk to the people and get their suggestions and requests regarding the service at the medical centre.

The occupation of the villagers is mainly agriculture and selling milk products irrespective of religion and caste.During the day time we could see only old people taking care of their grand children and doing household work when their children are away for work.

The area where we started our medical help is more of a needy area, people still living in stray huts and without proper road facility and with no proper medical help around.  We heard from the villagers that they have a primary health care centre for the village which is far for getting first aid help. For emergencies they have to go to either Chirala or Guntur. Here and there we saw one or two medical shops cum provision shops where the villages usually buy medication on their own without proper prescription from a qualified person.

We saw the  difficulty of some who could not afford to buy medicine from shops and many old people who doesn't even have strength to walk to go to a hospital and also have no money for transportation to the hospital.

For them having a regular medical help in their area under the supervision of a qualified nurse is a great help which we could be able to set up in co-operation with some of the village elders after finding the need in Swarna village especially in that area where all the under privileged people are living.

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