Thursday, September 23, 2010

Railway Station MC


Yesterday we went to a place near Chirala Railway Station where our nurse(Jaya raju) from Prasadha Nagaram is giving his medical assistance to the people there. Besides his regular work at Prasada Nagaram, the nurse is also helping the people here once a week with health check ups and free medicine.

The area near the railway station is a low lying area just near the cementary. People living here are almost living in the cementary and they are Jipsies from Tamilnadu. They settled here many years back and you don't believe they are leading a very terrible, pathetic life here.

They are living  in small huts made of old rags and plastic sheets with lots of dirt, open drains, dead bodies of animals and pigs all over. The main business of the people here is rag picking and collecting dead bodies of animals on the tracks, using the meat for food and selling the skin and bones. People here are a bit wild mostly drug addicts, alchoholics and thieves. Because of the heavy rains recently, most of this area is under water and people are staying on the roads. Here we saw lots of children with teenage mother, father and old people.They have no awareness of hygiene and birth control. Government alloted permanent houses to a few at a different place and many more are waiting for their turn.

Its very sad to see the vast difference in the life style of people living in the same town. I hope Government will do something for them soon. I think it is very genuine on our part to do some regular help for these people who are in a very desperate condition and i really thank all the people who are taking care of this area in  any form.

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