Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lohiyapuram MC


On 22nd Oct, wednesday me and Martha went to one of our medical centres at Lohiyapuram. Lohiyapuram is a small area , comes under Vetapalem mandal which is around 15kms from Chirala. Its a remote area located on the far end of the village. People here have to cross the rail tracks to go on with their daily work.

 The area is alloted by the Government to the backward caste people belonging to different communities. Its a combination of three different castes, Christian minority people, weaver community and muslims.

Our medical centre is presently located in the Weavers colony.  Before the people here are living in small straw huts but lately in a span of two years Government started alloting the people here with Permanent houses.  Drastic change from rotten looking huts to small beautiful houses.

Government is doing many developmental programmes here like building houses, roads and water facility. The only thing lacking here is the medical help. The main occupation of the people here is weaving , agriculture and daily workers in the near by cotton mill.

The local politician who is responsible for this area brought up this proposal of starting a first aid centre here which is very helpful for the needy community here who can't affort to buy medicine and also who has no chance of getting emergency treatment in this area. The name of the nurse here is varadamma who is familiar in this area and working hard to take care of the people.

The best part in this area is, almost all the houses are kept very clean with a small garden around which is rarely found even in the town.

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