Thursday, September 16, 2010

hai friends.

Today we visited two of our medical centres located near the coast of Bay of Bengal. One is exactly on the coast which is located in the area called Ramapuram was started during the Tsunami time. There a few people died and many lost their livelihood. So with the help of many German donors we had the chance of helping them with fishing nets and food which is temporary so we thought of helping them in a long run by opening a medical support for them regularly under the supervision of a nurse giving out free medicines , regular check ups and counselling regarding health and hygiene.

 Second medical centre is at Sampath nagar which is also near the coast which is approximately 10km away  from the coast. This is started with the intention of helping the poor tribal people in that area who can't afford to buy medicine and who are far away from the actual town.

Since we have heavy rains for the last few days, most of the low lying areas are drowned with rain water. Our medical centre is also located in one of those areas so me and martha had no chance of visiting the centre.

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