Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Happy to inform that there is a decline in Covid positive cases all over the state. Looks like the wave is slowly getting down. Not much rush at the hospitals. Of course there are still cases but comparatively not as much as in like last month. Slowly there is going to be relaxation in the lockdown rules also.

But there is news in various television channels about the third wave in the coming months which might effect the children specially. On one side vaccination process is going on. Around 65 lakh people got vaccinated in our State (A.P) so far for three crore population.

Coming to our Shoshana projects - Started working again after a short break because of the heat and also due to the Corona situation. Some of our staff and students also got infected and recovered.

The sewing projects are working with taking all the necessary precautions ,not gathering in groups.
One of our sewing instructor Mrs. Hemima in Vijayawada is going to the houses of the women from the present sew group, who has a sew machine to show them some cutting so that they could practice on their own in their convenient time  instead of gathering at the project premises.

Here are a few pics from the present group:

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