Monday, June 28, 2021


 Corona cases are slowly coming down for the last few days. Little relief for the people compared to the last two months where the situation was very bad. Still there is lockdown with some relaxation in the timings.

Still there is fear of another variant called delta variant cases which are spotted in some states of India. News about the third wave is all over in the news channels causing fear in the people. 

Presently there is some relief in the people getting along with their normal routines.

Sharing some pictures from one of our medical projects - Shoshana Medical Project, Prasadha Nagaram. Giving out the basic medication like multi vitamins ,fever reducing medicines and anti biotics for those who have mild symtoms of Covid.


People gathering at the medical projects is also less due to the fear of Corona cases.  Taking necessary precautions we are able to keep the centres open and provide the necessary help to the needy.

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