Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shoshana medical centres in areas like Tadiparru, Epurupalem.

Nurses working for Shoshana medical centres at various places.
Some of the pics from the area and also from the medical centres.

Weavers colony in Epurupalem and Sainagar areas

 We have qualified nurses who are attending all kinds of people especially old people with special needs.

These areas have less access to health care and not many health workers are available.

The professions the people  are in are mostly physical in nature like physical labour, farming, weavers exposed to chemicals, pollution etc

Not only rural areas Shoshana is extending its medical help to backward slums where people are mostly rag pickers, collecting waste living in very unhygienic  and unhealthy surroundings.

Besides giving out medication and first aid help, Shoshana is encouraging the nurses to educate the people about personal hygiene and health care.

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