Saturday, December 1, 2012

Translate Button

Fuer alle, welche im Englischen nicht so sicher sind, ist rechts der TRANSLATE Button, wenngleich die Uebersetzung fuerchterlich ist, kann man doch einigermassen verstehen, was gemeint ist. Lustig wird es, wenn mein Deutsch auch noch in deutsch uebersetzt wird, dann ist der Sinn voellig verstellt.

To all our friends who rather have their own language, please check the TRANSLATE button on the right for your own, its not perfect but close enough to understand the gist of it.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Thank you to Bindu and her wonderful family who cared for me in the time being here. I am part of their family and they are mine.
I will miss them but via skype its no problem nowadays to stay in close contact.
Thank you Rani for all the delicious food you provided each day: I love it. Now I have to cook on my own again ... but I take some spices with me.
Tomorrow morning I leave towards Chennai and then home to the USA.


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