Monday, September 5, 2011

Visit to Pedanandipadu Sewing Project


My visit to Pedanandipadu sewing project to meet the new batch of Students who just started their stitching class. Pedanandipadu is half way to Guntur from Chirala. It is a village surrounded with tobacco and cotton fields. Almost all the women who joined the class are from agricultural background working as daily workers and one or two girls who are college drop outs.

This time we have students who are familiar with sewing for some extent so they is no need for them for basic training. They started off with blouses which is the difficult and time taking part.  Interesting part is here in this project we could see good interaction between the teacher and the students, they are friendly and discuss their ideas with the teacher without any trouble.

Sivakumari is the teacher here and her husband is a farmer. He is quite helpful to her in her work. Siva kumari   is a very easy going lady and she is quite capable of dealing with all kinds of women without any trouble. Here also the teacher and students are working together  in making products for sale.

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  1. Nice to see my 1st to 7 th class met Venkata Ramana here... recollected by childhood days.. Choudary - Pedanandipadu


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