Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visit to Epurupalem medical Project

Medical support  in a special community belonging to weaving occupation. The entire area is a weavers colony. Both men and women do this work. Most of the time we see people either dyeing, starching the cloth, weaving, doing different steps of weaving sarees and other dress materials.

People here are prone to breathing diseases since they work with chemicals while dyeing and while making thread from cotton. People doesn't take any precautions while working. So most of the patients here are suffering from ashthama, body pains and gastric problems for not following proper eating habits.

Majority of the families work as daily workers for certain shop owners. They provide them with materials and pay them by each saree. The amount they get per saree is very low when compared to the actual market price. They doesn't have enough capital for starting their own business. They are made to work for the shop owners.

Compared to earlier years most of the people here are looking for other jobs, changing their occupation, migrating to other places for work. Atleast now Government should find some solution to help these people to protect the ancient art releasing them from the slavery of a few rich shop owners.

The nurse here is Ms.Buela Rani who is a well trained nurse, has the experience of working in good hospitals.She is taking good care of the people here.

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