Monday, August 22, 2011

Visit to Embroidery project, Pasumarru

My today's visit to embroidery project, Pasumarru.

Its a training centre and work shop.
The present batch students are towards the end of their course. They started their class in March - 11. 

They already started taking orders from neighbours and working as a group and sharing the money they get among themselves. Few previous students also are gathering here and working as a group. It takes more time if they work individually so two, three students are forming as a group and working together.

This project turned out to be more like a training centre as well as a shop. Since the previous and present students are working together it is easy for them to share ideas and get out some creative work.

Swetha the instructor in this project is recently married and she has enough support from her husband to carry on with her work.

  Most of the needy women she has  are from agricultural back ground. Not much educated , mostly housewives and few college drop outs. This course really turned out to be a income source for them to support their families. 

Thank you very much for your support.. Shoshana  is there for needy women for their self help because you are there.

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