Wednesday, December 28, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Centre,  S.C Colony, Epurupalem

Latest pics from our Shoshana Medical project - S.C Colony, Epurupalem.  Ms. Buela rani, the nurse has been with Shoshana for the last 15yrs giving first aid help in different areas of Epurupalem. First started with weavers colony and now in S.C colony of Epurupalem. Not only her , her entire family is behind her, helping her in taking care of the people here. 

Besides the patients coming to the centre, she also does house visits for those who can't come to the centre, assisting people to see the doctor if necessary. She does the Sugar and B.P checkups, if necessary she gives the normal salines like for dehydration etc

Besides Shoshana med proj, Epurupalem,  she has also  been taking care of medical projects at other areas too and she always comes first to help and assist other medical projects if there is a need.

According to the news that they may be a rise in Covid cases in the coming days, we Shoshana from our side is always ready to provide the necessary medication to the people.

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