Monday, December 6, 2021


Shoshana Medical Centre, Ravipadu

Nurse - Bala sundari

Ravipadu is a small area away from the main town of Narasaraopet. 

Shoshana has a medical project in one of the backward areas of Ravipadu where majority of the people are agricultural labourers. Both men and women work in fields.

This medical project mostly work as first aid clinic. Beside giving the basic medication, free blood pressure check ups  and Sugar tests are done. Since people are mostly daily workers they get immediate help for minor injuries like cuts, bleeding wounds etc. They get the initial treatment before they see a doctor.

The nurse is from the same area so people had the best use of it during the Covid lock down period. Especially for old people who can't go to long distances to get the basic medication.

Before the project was maintained by a male nurse, recently a new nurse joined the project. Nurse has the experience of working in a private hospital for the past few years. Besides that she took up the responsibility of the medical project. She is also from the same area so she is familiar with the people and they could easily reach her any time. She has the access to a hospital she could easily help the people to see the doctor if there is any emergency.

Putting up some of the latest pics from the project.

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