Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Name: Jyothi. Kattavarapu aged 40yrs. Married and she is a housewife. She has two children.

Former student of Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada. Husband was a daily worker.

Last year her husband died of Covid. Her children are still in school.  Being an illiterate also during lock down they couldn't find any work to run their family. It was difficult for them to find at least one meal a day.  Thrown out of the house for not paying rent.  For the time being staying at their relatives verandah.  When ever she comes across the sewing instructor she was crying for help.

The instructor helped her in setting up a sewing machine at home and now she is slowing taking in orders to earn her living.

She is very happy that her sewing classes are now helping her in running her family.

Thanks to all the donors who made it possible.

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