Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shoshana Sewing Projects - Giripuram Vijayawada and Pandaripuram, Chilakaluripet.

New group of women at Shoshana sewing projects, Vijayawada and Chilkaluripet.

Sewing projects are working both as training centers as well as tailor shop with the previous students as apprentice.  These tailor shops are providing  some income for their living as well as the women get more practice before working  on their own.

Pics from Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada. The instructor Ms. Hemima has 5 women for the new training class. Besides sewing she is also giving them training in embroidery, painting, dying cloth, candle making etc.

Pics from Shoshana sewing centre,  Chilakaluripet.

The instructor Mrs.Sumathi also has 5 women for the new batch. In the afternoon the sewing centers are working as tailor shops so the women from previous batches work as apprentice under the supervision of the instructors.

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