Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pics from Shoshana Medical Project, Burlavaripalem.

Burlavaripalem is a remote village which is 4kms away from Chirala town and it is close to the sea. Shoshana recently started its medical support in this area and we have a regular medical centre for the last one year.

The village is surrounded with fields and  auto is the only means of public transport to the village and  they are available only in day time . Village still needs some basic facilities like proper roads, electricity and toilets. When we started the medical centre in this village, there was not even a small provision shop and medical facility was completely out of reach. Even for basic medication , people had to travel all the way to Chirala.

Now people are very happy that they have a regular first aid help in their locality. The nurse Mrs.Mariamma is living in this area for the last 20 years. She has the experience of working in some private hospitals. People could reach her all day long for medical help.

Unfortunately, three months back, the nurse lost her husband. He was a cancer patient leaving behind three teenage children. The nurse, Mariamma is the only earning member in her family. Inspite of all the circumstances, she stood strong and is  taking care her family as well as the villagers basic health needs.
Mariamma with her kids, Rufus and Navitha

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