Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pics from Shoshana Sewing centre, Giripuram, Vijayawada.

Pics from Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada City.

Sewing centre, located at Giripuram area, one of the slums in Vijayawada. Hemima the instructor has been giving her support for the past 10 yrs in different areas of Vijayawada for the self help of the women.

Hemima not only being a teacher for the sewing students but also taking  over all care for each woman.  This area is full of daily workers like construction workers, rod bending workers, domestic helpers etc. Most men are alcoholics and HIV patients. There is lot of domestic violence in this area.

So training in sewing and embroidery is providing an income for majority of the women  like women who are  victims of domestic violence, left by their husbands or who are taking care of their sick husbands etc.

Instructor Hemima is also taking care of their medical needs and providing them with basic medicines who are in need of help.

One such case:
Name of the student:  Lakshmi
One of the students from tailoring batch. 32 years of age, married. She has two small children.( 4yrs and 2yrs).

Left by her husband. Lakshmi is staying at her parents' house. Lost her father when she was young. Mother is old and sick. Lakshmi is working as a servant maid to take care of her family.

Presently she has Hernia problem and she needs surgery to get rid of the problem. She is very poor and she can't afford to pay for the surgery. Being the only working one in the family she has to work for the living in spite being in pain. She is asking her friends and relatives for help for the surgery. The local society came forward to help her to some extent but she needs more money. She is requesting Shoshana to please consider her case and help her to come out of the problem.

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