Saturday, June 7, 2014

Visit to Karamchedu Medical Project

Hello to everyone

Projects started again after the summer break. Temparatures are still very high but work has to go on.
Hoping to have rains soon.

Yesterday i went to one of our medical projects. Shoshana Medical centre at Karamchedu village.
Few pics from that place.

In this hot weather, mostly with fever and other related problems it is very helpful for them to have regular medical support around.

Happened to meet a girl at the medical centre. She is  from around the area. She has problem with her nose. Heard that its  a birth defect. Already had two surgeries to rectify the defect. She needs surgery in future too. Its an expensive surgery. Parents are daily workers.They can't afford to go for that. So far she is ok. No other health problems.

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