Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 Story about one of the students from the present batch of tailoring and embroidery course  at Shoshana sewing centre, Pedanandipadu.


Name of the student : Ravanamma. 35 years of age. She is a school drop out.

She is living  in a small house with her husband and two daughters.

Her husband was a building construction worker. He had an accident 4 years back and half of his body was paralysed. 

He was operated but that helped him only to sit up. He was out of work from then and he started using wheel chair at least to do his personal things to some extent. Most of the time he is in bed and depended on his family members. He is feeling very bad for not been able to help his family.

Before she was a house wife but after the accident she took up the responsibility of running the family. She started stitching leave plates at home. She gets all the materials from the shop, gives back the ready ones and she gets some amount for a bunch of plates.

She is growing some vegetables besides her house and one of her daughters used to sell them around the area before going to school.
Both her daughters are studying in a Government school.

She got to know about the free training program from her daughter and she joined the class run by Shoshana  with the  hope that this training would help her for the betterment of her life.

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