Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jilla. Mani - Request for medical help

Need of medical support for a women at Shoshana medical centre area, Giripuram, Vijayawada.

She is Jilla.Mani aged 43yrs. She is a domestic helper and has one daughter and one son. Husband died of heart attack ten years back and from then she is taking care of her family.

Both her children finished their 10th standard and are ready to join the college. Mean time she got a problem with her left hand. She had a wound on one of her fingers and being a diabetic patient it became chronic and presently she is unable to do anything with that hand.

Since she is the only earning member in the family it is very difficult for her to stop working. Children are waiting to join in the college.  In order to pay the house rent and for othe household expenses they are doing small jobs.

She needs surgery for the finger so she could do her work again. She doesn't want her children to drop their studies and settle as domestic helpers. She is requesting for medical help. She needs medication first to lower her sugar levels before going for surgery.

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