Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pics of new batch of women for tailoring and embroidery training at Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada.

Instructor, Srivani along with the students

Srivani, one of our senior instructors along with her husband who is a retired Railway employee has been working here in the old city of Vijayawada for the past 30 years for the benefit of poor women.

She was a teacher by profession but has been training needy women in stitching  in her leisure time . Once she started working with Shoshana in 2001 she took up this work as a full time profession. The area where she started working was a very slum area mainly with muslim community where women were not allowed to go out for work.

Coolies with large families living in very small huts in terrible conditions. Tailoring is a very good income source for them with which they could earn from their home. Free training classes provided with necessary materials  really helped  them for their self help.

Many previous students who finished their course were successful in their work.

Srivani is still very active in giving her services and is helping the women  with the same interest as she was in the beginning.

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