Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hai friends,

I would like to share with you some of the success stories of the beneficiaries at our Sewing Project, Vijayawada.

Name of the student: Prasanthi

She comes from a very poor family. She is a single, Christian, 20yrs of age. below. Went to a Government Girls high school.  She is living in a rented house along with her parents.

Father is an illiterate  building construction worker. Mother is a housewife and a part time daily worker. Prasanthi has an elder brother who is also a construction worker.

Two years back Prasanthi’s father had a severe health problem and he is unable to walk anymore. He is bed ridden still today. At that Prasanthi was in her 10th standard and besides her studies  she has to take care of their household work since her mother has to go to work for their living. Being a below average student at school she could not make her 10th exams. She was in a situation like neither she could use her studies to get a job nor she could work as a daily worker.

Hemima our instructor encouraged her to join the Shoshana sewing centre where she could get free training in stitching in tailoring and embroidery. She finished her training in the previous batch last year. Having provided with a sewing machine from Shoshana she slowly started her own work from at home. Presently her mother is also not in a very good health and unable to work  so Prasanthi became the main support for their family along with her brother. She is doing good in her work and earning a minimum of 150 rupees a day.

She is very happy that Shoshana gave her a new life to be independent and could even be the main support for their family

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