Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nagaralu Sewing project, Guntur.


I recently visited one of our sewing projects in Guntur which is in the area called Nagaralu.

It is the recent sewing project we started. Started in Aug-2011 with Vasantha as the instructor.
She finished her first batch of tailoring students.

Here are the pics of second batch of students .

Started basics from April-12 onwards.
 The instructor Vasantha is a full time teacher so she is available all the time and ready to help the women as far as possible.

Majority women who joined the course are married. Few are housewives and rest daily workers.

All the women are from the same area.

The last batch women who finished their sewing class are ready to start their work. Coming months we will get to know the progress in their work and how far they could be able to help themselves.

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