Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visit to our very first Sewing project in Guntur.

This is our first Project and also the first Sewing project in our Organization started in 2000 September. Nirmala is the instructor.  This is the place where we started our first batch of stitching course, ten years ago. Till now Nirmala had around 108 women who completed their tailoring and embroidery course and majority of them are independent now with their own business.  Now she has a present batch of 8 students who started their class in April-11.

The place where she is staying now is a rented one and her society people are taking the responsibility of paying the rent for her house. The house is an old one and it is difficult for her to work there in the rainy season so she is planning to move soon to a different house. The present students will complete their course end of  Nov-11. For the next batch we could expect her working in some different area where there is a need for poor women for their self help. She herself is a victim of domestic violence and with the support of Shoshana she became independent and she is successful in taking care of her children all by herself  and as well helping many women who came from similar situations by teaching them besides encouraging them to stand on their own.

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