Tuesday, June 14, 2011

visit to Ramapuram medical project


My recent visit to Ramapuram medical project.  Ramapuram is one of the beach areas in Chirala with fishermen community living there. Ramapuram is far away from the town. It is the second most needy places among our medical projects till now. First is the railway area with tribal community with no knowledge of health and hygiene. Ramapuram is the second one. I can say it is slowly developing. Besides Shoshana some other NGO's are also working for the development of this area . The way to this area is peaceful and beautiful with fields and palm trees.

Ananda Kumari is the nurse working there. She is Naveen's mother.She lost Naveen two months back and she is slowly getting along now. She has one more son, elder brother of Naveen. He is 15yrs old studying 9th standard in a residential school at Visakhapatnam.  Sad thing is her elder son also was born with a defect, with a cleft on his mouth. He had problems, eating and drinking.

He had a surgery before but it was not fully rectified.  Recently he had the same problem difficulties in eating, he had a small hole on the roof  inside his mouth and small particles were coming out of his nose while eating or drinking. He had an operation to close the hole, a week back. It takes a few days to heal. Right now he is staying with his mother in Chirala and i met him at the Medical project, Ramapuram.

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