Monday, January 31, 2011

Yellamandha Medical Project

hai friends,

Today we started our first project visit i.e on 31st Jan-2011. We visited two of our new projects, one is a medical centre and one is a sewing centre.

Medical Centre is at the outskirts of Yellamandha village which would be around 10 kms from Narasaraopet town, Guntur District. Medical Centre is located in one of the poor areas of Yellamandha where most of the people are daily workers belonging to Christian community.There are many old people and children in this area who need medical support and who are not in a position to afford going to a hospital for even small first aid help.

Their living is mainly based on daily wages which they can't afford to skip for staying in a hospital or going to a Government hospital which is far from their area. So a regular nurse going around their area serving them and giving immediate free medical support is a great help to them which we are able to give through our Shoshana medical centre in their area.

Our M.D Martha visited the new medical centre for the first time after the inuguration  which was two month back. So she checked with the nurse Mrs. Padmavathi, the medical facilities available in the centre , moved around the area to just check out the situation and talk with the people and to know their problems.

The local Society member, Mr.Hanumantha Rao who is a farmer is taking care of the centre and he is taking responsibility for the people in that area constantly checking out the medical needs of the people  and see that they get regular help.

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