Friday, December 10, 2010

hai friends,

 we had terrtible weather this week. Heavy unexpected rains affected Prakasam and Guntur Districts. Its a big blow to the paddy and cotton farmers. Most of the crops are ready for harvest and now everything is under water.  All the fields look like small rivers. All the crops are under water, have to see if they can be used after or is it totally gone. If that is the case then naturally the rates will go up and it will be effect the poor and middleclass people's budget again.  Farmers condition is even worse. Majority of them invested money on the fields with crop loans. Government is doing survey on the affected areas, have to see if they can fill some of the loss. Some of our sewing center instructors husbands and students themselves are farmers. Rains effected their fields too. The only good part is the skill and knowledge in stitiching and embroidery they have is of use now. They could support their families in this critical situation. All the political parties are bringing pressure on the Government to take care of the farmers. I hope they could be able to manage  helping  the farmers.

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